37370 & 37051 'Merehead' top 'n' tail a 7Z07 15.20 Weymouth-Castle Cary weedkiller train past Trent on 21/06/00.
Driver training in readiness for 31 hauled trains to Weymouth as Fragonset black 31190 departs Frome with Railtrack mkII's in tow, June 2002.
59204 works 7C77 from Acton along the branch to Merehead Quarry on 17/03/11.
Welcome to Merehead....
Hanson 'switcher' No. 120 brings another rake of loaded JHA's out of Whatley quarry to the reception sidings,March 2011.
DB Schenker livery 67018 with its maple leaf logo leaves Weston Super Mare on 21/07/10 with 5Y10, the 10.09 empty stock to Taunton formed of IC livery stock.....only FGW know why this was not run as a service !!!
Braunton waits time at Minehead on the West Somerset Railway
Hired in to replace the unreliable class 57/3 GBRf's 66402 still in DRS colours leaves Weston Super Mare with 5Y10 10.09 empty stock to Taunton on 28/06/10.
Switcher No. 44 WESTERN YEOMAN II goes about its business at Merehead on 11/10/10.
67017 wsm
67017 leaves Weston Super Mare with FGW's 08.00 Cardiff-Paignton service on 28/06/10.
Due to the poor availability of hired in 57/3's First Great Western reverted to DBS 67's on its short term loco hauled diagram to/from Taunton...on 21/07/10 67016 leads 2D04 07.28 Taunton-Bristol Parkway with 67018 on the rear at Kenn Moor Gate.A replacement set of IC livery stock was also in use.
Fresh from Oxley depot the previous evening, silver buffered 57308 at Kenn Moor Gate with 2D04 07.28 Taunton-Bristol Parkway.66402 is on the rear due to 57/3 availability at an all time low..28/06/10.
60098 Charles Francis Brush tows failed 47851 into Taunton on 28/12/01 with a delayed 1Z40 11.50 Plymouth-Bristol TM (vice 1M40 to Liverpool due to pway work).At least those long suffering Virgin passengers had some quality traction !!!
59005 passing the blackthorn blossom on the Frome avoider with 7V82 Crawley-Merehead on 12/04/11.
66619 at Somerton with 5 JJA's in tow forming a 6A84 Fairwater Yard-Westbury VQ on 12/04/11
DB Schenker livery 60011 tackles the gradient at Somerton working 7C28 11.58 Exeter Riverside-Whatley on 12/04/11.
60011 approaches Frome North Jcn with 7C28 11.58 Exeter Riverside-Whatley on 12/04/11.
59102 at Wanstrow on the Merehead branch with an early running 7V07 from Chichester on 12/04/11.
'004' plys its trade along the Merehead branch at Wanstrow with 7B12 to 'Bassett'.The site of the former village station is marked,like many other GWR station sites by large dark green fur tree(s)....12/04/11.
A smart 59206 passes Wanstrow on 12/04/11 with a late running 7C77 12.40 Acton to nearby Merehead quarry.
59206 approaching Quarry Jcn, the start of the Merehead triangle with 7C77 12.40 from Acton.
59102 at Berkley Marsh with 7A15 16.16 Merehead-Acton on 12/04/11.
66617 on 6C72 Fairwater-Westbury VQ at Styles Hill on 12/04/11.
MendipRail green 59002 at Great Elm on the Whatley branch with 6C76 18.20 from Westbury.The hump in the line near the middle of the train marks the site of the junction with the line to Radstock,closed in the early nineties.
66557......6Y33.......Brent Knoll......11/06/11
67001 passes Blatchbridge Junction with a 5Z26 17.42 Frome-Westbury (via Taunton) empty stock, which had originated at Preston with passengers for the Glastonbury Festival.
150127 at Blatchbridge Jcn, Frome heading for Weymouth, 22/06/11.
Poor old Berkley.....this road is totally blocked by fly tipping so the council takes the easy option and closes the road !!!......It could only happen in this country !.
66709 5v91
Medite livery 66709 works a 5Z91 Derby-Laira past Brent Knoll conveying rake of FGW's 'refreshed' HST stock, Sept 2007
RfD 47365 at its short lived stay at Cranmore on the East Somerset Railway.Before restoration got underway it went for scrap!........March 2004.
59204 passing Bruton on 12/10/09 with ex-Railtrack JNA's forming 7C28 Exeter Riverside-Whatley.
59103 inches through the worksite to drop more ballast, 30 'Autoballaster' wagons (2 sets of 15) were used! Note the untamped track!
One of the impressive HQA 'autoballaster' wagons in action, operated by NR staff using remote control in radio contact with the driver.
59103 passes Wanstrow while engaged on ballast dropping duties before forming 6W43 10.58 East Somerset Jcn-Westbury, 28/08/11.
59104 creeps up the gradient at Studley on the Merehead branch during ballast dropping operations, 28/08/11.
66172 stabled at Whites Crossing with a RM 95 RT High Output Ballast Cleaner, the exit from Merehead is on the left.
59004 at Wanstrow on the Merehead branch with a High Output Ballast Cleaner train returning to Westbury after overnight work,66172 was on the rear.28/08/11
The RM 95 RT High Output Ballast Cleaner at work the previous evening, 03/09/11.
59005 passes Studley Farm on the Merehead branch with the RM 95 RT HOBC train to form a 6W33 12.00 East Somerset Jcn-Westbury on 04/09/11.
The RM 95 RT spews out several tonnes a minute of used ballast.
59203 tails the RM 95 RT High Output Ballast Cleaner train as it passes Studley Farm on its way up the branch to form a 6W33 East Somerset Jcn-Westbury on 04/09/11.
59002 brings more 'Autoballaster' hoppers through the worksite on 04/09/11 to form 6W34 11.30 East Somerset Jcn-Westbury.
The RM 95 RT High Output Ballast Cleaner (HOBC) was trapped down the branch until all ballast drops had been complete, AI livery 59005 leads the train past Wanstrow.On the left is the old ballast dug out by the HOBC.
With the final ballast drop complete 59101 leaves the worksite to form a 6W35 10.53 East Somerset Jcn-Westbury on 04/09/11.
More ballast renewal work at Wanstrow on the Merehead branch.....59101 with 15 yellow HQA's in tow on 04/09/11.
59201 with a lightweight 6W37 08.00 Totnes-Westbury formed of 5 HQA 'Autoballasters near Witham Friary on 12/10/11
59103 T'n'T 59104 work a 6W39 07.30 Exeter Central-Westbury near Witham Friary on 02/10/11.
37420 'The Scottish Hosteller' blasts out from under the GWR overall roof at Frome on 08/05/95 working the 09.00 Bristol Temple Meads-Weymouth.
Motherwell Depot's travel weary 37403 'Ben Cruachan' at North Brewham working the 08.39 Weymouth-Bristol Temple Meads on 07/04/98. Note it has lost its diamond plaque from above the nameplate, adding to the loco's tatty appearance.
37408 'Loch Rannoch' rolls into Frome with the 09.00 Bristol Temple Meads-Weymouth on 27/08/94. Note the ex-NSE mkII's with their red stripe painted blue.
Pioneer class 37 No. D6700 (37350) passes Upton Noble with a Westbury-Exeter ballast on 21/04/99. Ballast trains to/from Meldon had recently ceased so of note are the 'seacow' hoppers loaded the white ballast from the new 'Virtual Quarry' in Westbury yard which came from Foster Yeoman's Glensanda Quarry in Scotland via ship to Southampton and train to Westbury, which then ended up in Riverside yard a few miles from Meldon !!!
5637 gets away from Mendip Vale on the East Somerset Railway on 17/10/10.
57312 & 57302 top 'n' tail FGW's 16.19 Taunton-Cardiff pass Hedging on 13/04/10.
57302 'Virgil Tracey' passes Hedging with FGW's 2C79 14.00 Cardiff-Taunton on 13/04/10.
66005 passes Hedging with 6C62 TO 15.19 St.Philips Marsh-Tavistock Jcn fuel tankers on 13/04/10.
A former ARC industrial alongside the Whatley branch in Welshmill Park, Frome in 1987. Vandalism was inevitable and then came 'Health & Safety' which deemed it unsafe, so the loco was removed just in case some mindless vandal fell off and sued the local council !! .It then became 'gate gaurdian' at Tytherington Quarry.
59204 works along the Whatley Quarry branch with 1Z78 07.48 Paddington-Cranmore, UK Railtours 'Angel of Bedlam' tour on 11/02/12.
59001 pulls into Cranmore station with 1Z78 07.48 from Paddington, UK Railtours 'Angel of Bedlam' tour on 11/02/12.
5637 approaches Cranmore...11/02/12.
59001 at Cranmore station with 1Z78 07.48 from Paddington, UK Railtours 'Angel of Bedlam' tour on 11/02/12.
59001 at Cranmore station with 1Z78 07.48 from Paddington, UK Railtours 'Angel of Bedlam' tour on 11/02/12.
59204 on the Cranmore branch with UK Railtour 'Angel of Bedlam' tour on 11/02/12.
59001 enters Cranmore with ecs of UK Railtours 'Angel of Bedlam' tour ready to collect passengers for the 1Z79 15.45 departure to Paddington on 11/02/12.
59001 enters Cranmore with ecs of UK Railtours 'Angel of Bedlam' tour ready to collect passengers for the 1Z79 15.45 departure to Paddington on 11/02/12.
The resident Hudswell Clarke shunter at Cranmore comes to collect mkI buffet No.1863 which had been tagged onto the 'Angel of Bedlam' tour as a cheap way of getting it to Cranmore for overhaul !,59204 had shunted it off the train...11/-2/12.
59001 on the Cranmore branch with 1Z79 15.45 Cranmore-Paddington return leg of UK railtours 'Angel of bedlam' tour on 11/02/12.
59001 on the Cranmore branch with 1Z79 15.45 Cranmore-Paddington return leg of UK railtours 'Angel of bedlam' tour on 11/02/12.
33002 'Sea King' + 33019 'Griffon' chatter past Brent Knoll with Pathfinder Tours 'Penzance Flyer' on 22/06/96.
37109 & 37667 'Meldon Quarry Centenary' pass Somerton with the short term 6G99 Meldon-Westbury on 15/02/02. I was lucky to get this as the train was running two hours early and empty !!!, because the Tiphook box wagons had not been emptied of spoil properly from their last job and were deemed contaminated so loading was refused.
59102 6Z92
59102 'Village of Chantry' passes Studley Farm on the Merehead branch with a 6V67 10.00 Grain-Merehead on 29/05/07.
DRS 37608 passes Taunton with the infrequent 6Z40 WO 10.44 Keyham-Crewe on 23/05/12.
EWS livery 47786 'Roy Castle OBE' & 47734 'Crewe Diesel Depot' Top 'n' Tail a 1Z14 07.47 Bournemouth-Exeter St.Davids SERCO Test train past Stoford on 09/04/02.
47714_07 10 06_CS6_1240
Cotswold Rail 47714 wearing Anglia livery passes Taunton on 07/10/06 with a Landore-Laira powaer car move.
Wessex Trains livery 31601 'The Mayor of Casterbridge' with matching stock & headboard rattle past North Brewham with the 08.58 Bristol-Weymouth on 11/12/04. This service was promoted as a 'santa shopper special' and upgraded to loco hauled stock.
37408 'Loch Rannoch' departs Yeovil Pen Mill, passing the last remaining wooden post semaphore, with the 'Paradise Flyer', a 12.45 from Weymouth Quay-Weymouth Town on 03/06/93. This was a trial run of a series of Wednesday only trips utilising the Bristol-Weymouth loco & stock.
37225 & 37229 pass Wyke Champflower with 7C28 11.45 Exeter Riverside-Merehead stone empties on 29/05/98
59205 works 7C74 16.00 Theale-Merehead near Witham Friary on 01/08/13.
153329 arrives at Castle Cary with the 17.44 Bristol TM-Weymouth, SWT hire in 158882 waits for the road on the left with a service to Bristol........11/08/13.
Hanson 59101 rumbles through Castle Cary on 11/08/13 with the 'as required' 7Z26 SuO 18.17 Westbury-Burgullow sand empties.
Colas Railfreight 66850 'David Maidment OBE' works a hastilly arranged 6Z28 13.35 Westbury-Exeter Riverside near Witham Friary on 14/01/14. One of many trains taking ballast down for a forthcoming week long engineering blockade at Whiteball Tunnel.
No.44 'WESTERN YEOMAN II' on a demonstration train at Merehead Open Weekend, 22/06/08.
West Coast Railway Co. 47237 works down the Frome avoider with a 1Z32 07.51 Guildford-Kingswear on 19/04/14.
On hire to Colas Railfreight, 66129 leads a 6C04 08.40 Maiden Newton-Westbury at Bruton, 66848 was on the rear.....22/06/14.
37409 'Lord Hinton' powers a 3Q23 09.37 Bristol-Didcot (via Weymouth) test train past Gants Mill, Bruton on 29/07/14.
5029 'NUNNEY CASTLE' works the 'Weymouth Seaside Express' (1Z82 08.20 Bristol TM-Weymouth) south from Castle Cary on 27/07/14.
Repainted WCRC 33029 tails The Weymouth Seaside Express (1Z82 08.20 BTM-Weymouth) at Cockhill,near Castle cary on 27/07/14
Retaining Metals sub sector decals, 37515 partners Transrail 37693 on 6V70 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey at Bankland on the Somerset Levels......22/02/99. 37515 was withdrawn from service with DRS in 2009 and cut up in July 2010. 37693 faired no better after years stored pending future use with DRS it too was scrapped in May 2011.
70808 passes East Somerset Junction with a 6C26 14.16 Westbury-Exeter Riverside, one of four such trains that afternoon taking materials down for weekend work at Plymouth. The Merehead branch is on the left and the mess on the right was once sidings....05/12/14.
Arriva branded 57315 + 57316 works a 5V66 12.29 Eastleigh GBRf-Bishops Lydeard WSR stock move past Witham Friary on 07/12/09.
67017 & 67016 top 'n' tail 2C67 08.00 Cardiff-Paignton past Cogload Jcn on 09/12/09. The driver was sounding the horn as the Network Rail van driver had just done a 3-point turn on the edge of the ballast before reversing alongside the track !!
Work stained 59206 'John F. Yeoman - Rail Pioneer' with 7C77 12.40 Acton-Merehead passes the site of Wanstrow station on the Merehead branch on 06/02/15. Located by the obligatory GWR Scots Pine tree, the station was funded by local residents in 1870 and closed when through passenger services ceased on the Yatton-Witham line in 1963.
Last surviving 'split box' on the mainline, DRS 37087 leads 37194 past Brent Knoll on 27/06/09 with a returning 'Mazey Day' tour.
ARC Southern shunters No.1 & No.3 at Whatley quarry in August 1983.
59002 passes Witham Hall Farm, Witham Friary with 7C77 12.40 Acton-Merehead on 10/04/15.
66415+66544+66508 (.66513 on the rear) at Berkley with a 08.00 Westbury-Crewe Basford Hall (via Fairwater yard ! ). The 'BATH 2015' project is winding down.
67029 'Royal Diamond' exits Whiteball tunnel with UK Railtours 1Z14 07.10 Northampton-Paignton on 05/09/15.
WCRC 57316 at Williton on the WSR with the Statesman Rail 1Z08 15.40 Minehead-Crewe 'The Exmoor Coast Statesman' return leg on 05/09/15.
Due to gauging issues with 4936 Kinlet Hall, WCRC 47760 works Steam Dreams' 1Z50 08.34 Slough-Kingswear 'The Cathedrals Express' at Upton Noble on 27/09/15.
70806 passes Upton Noble with a 6C26 10.47 Westbury-Largin on 27/09/15.
43092 leads 1A81 10.35 Plymouth-Paddington at Bruton on 27/09/15.
Regional Railways branded 31233 'Severn Valley Railway' + 31229 arrive at Bridgwater with 7V52 17.52 MWO flask train from Sellafield....06/05/95.
Tatty Transrail branded 37073 'Fort William / An Gearesden' + Construction livery 37686 storm past Somerton with 7C28 Exeter Riverside-Merehead on 22/02/99.
37047 + 37109 clag out of Great Elm Tunnel,on the Whatley branch with the return leg of Pathfinder Tours 'Industrial Invader', a 1Z38 Whatley-Crewe on 18/09/04.
47316 tour
Cotswold Rail 47316 'Cam Peak' + 47714 work a 1Z61 06.00 Codsall-Penzance Heartland Tour past Cogload Junction on 01/10/05. Note my grey Peugeot 405 GTX which went home on a lorry after ripping a hole in the sump driving down the lane, leaving a trail of engine oil over the bridge !!!
40145 at Upton Noble on 28/08/06 with Pathfinder Tours 1Z40 07.00 Ealing Broadway-Penzance 'The Whistling Pixie'
59203 approaches Frome North Jcn with 6V18 12.39 Hither Green-Whatley on 12/10/09.
Virgin livery 57308 'TIN TIN' with ex-Anglia stock works First Great Western's 2D04 07.28 Taunton-Bristol Parkway with 57306 on the rear at Kenn Moor Gate on 31/05/10.
Hanson 59104 'Village of Great Elm' at Berkley Marsh with 7C56 19.10 Whatley-Westbury formed of one of the final rakes of ARC bogie tipplers used on Mendip stone traffic...June 1999.
67003 at Cockhill,south of Castle Cary with 2O72 Bristol-Weymouth on a sweltering hot & muggy 05/06/10, note the horse looking for some shade under the tree.
Recently delivered 66726 in FIRST GBRf livery works 4E31 06.31 Taunton Fairwater-Peterborough (sleepers for recycling) past Berkley on 01/05/07.
MRL green 59002 at Styles Hill on the Frome avoider with green (ish) ex-Railtrack JNAs forming 6C77 12.40 Acton-Merehead on 21/08/06.
A Great Western Trains livery HST led by 43128 passes Somerton with 1A46 08.05 Penzance-Paddington on 22/02/99.
In its fresh coat of Hanson livery, 59103 'Village of Mells' at Berkley with MEA box wagons forming a Westbury-Merehead trip....March 1999.
Riviera Trains Ltd 47839 'Pegasus' at Watchet on the WSR with Hertfordshire Railtours 'West Somerset Steam Gala Intercity Merrymaker', a 1Z44 06.43 Sheffield-Minehead excursion on 24/03/07. Built 21/04/64 as D1728, finally withdrawn,by then owners DRS, in April 2013 and supprisingly cut up at Eastleigh Works in August the same year.
08652 shunts IIA hoppers at Whatley Quarry on 07/04/09. The resident 'switcher' No. 120 was out of use with collision damage after its run away incident.
59101 'Village of Whatley' on the Whatley branch at Elliotts with 6A74 09.22 Whatley-Theale on 07/04/09.
66111 with ex-RMC hoppers in tow forming 6M20 10.37 Whatley-St.Pancras at Elliotts on the Whatley branch....07/04/09.
EWS 59204 at Studley Farm on the Merehead branch working 7A15 16.45 Merehead-Acton on 07/04/09.
37703+37803 (dead in train) at Berkley on a snowy 03/03/95 with a delayed Whatley-Appleford. The 37's were removed at Westbury. Note the JHA hopper being transfered to Westbury.
Recently arrived at Cranmore (East Somerset Railway) for much needed bodywork repairs is Severn Valley Railway based class 27 D5410 standing in the former bitumen sidings on 24/02/16.
37263+37694 stagger past Quarry Jcn on 14/07/98 with a 6Z87 Merehead-Exeter Riverside (for Honiton bypass dual carriageway construction).
Tube map livery 66721 ventures along the Whatley Quarry branch at Great Elm with 'as required' 6V42 08.13 from Wellingborough on 08/03/16.
66150 works 6C48 13.30 Appleford-Whatley along the Whatley Quarry branch, 07/04/15.
66206 with 10 autoballasters in tow forming a 6N01 07.00 Pinhoe-Eastleigh at Gants Mill on 10/04/16.
66548 works a 6Y96 08.35 Aish-Westbury past Cogload Farm, 10/04/16.
Freightliner's 47830 (D1645) 'BEECHING'S LEGACY' works a Rail Operations Group 5S56 11:37 Laira to Carlisle Yard HST stock move past Bathpool on 10/04/16.
D1015 asquerading as D1058 'WESTERN NOBLEMAN' passes, coincidently, Upton Noble working 1Z52 07.37 Paddington-Okehampton (via Plymouth 'The Western Challenger', 07/05/16.
W43002 'Sir Kenneth Grange' departs Castle Cary with 1C89 17.00 Paddington-Penzance on 14/05/16.
Springboard charity vinyled 158798 departs Castle Cary with a service for Weymouth....14/05/16.
'BRISTOL 2015 EUROPEAN GREEN CAPITAL' branded 43148 leads 1C87, the 16.00 Paddington-Plymouth past Upton Noble on 14/05/16.
60007 'The Spirit of Tom Kendell' passes Gants Mill with a 6W32 14.03 Blatchbridge Jcn-Westbury (via Taunton & Bristol) on 08/05/16.
66019 emerges from the grade II listed 1850 GWR wooden train shed at Frome on 08/05/16 having come out of a Fairwood Jcn-Frome North engineering possession to form 6W33 14.03 Blatchbridge-Westbury (via Taunton & Bristol). The lighting towers of the former bitumen sidings survive but the area is full of storage containers.
59201at Upton Noble with a 1Z59 Victoria-Minehead (WSR) 'The Quantock Pullman' on 14/05/16.
59201 leaves Bruton with the return leg of UK Railtours 'The Quantock Pullman' (1Z60 17.15 Minehead (West Somerset Railway) -London Victoria formed of the Belmond Pullman stock, 14/05/16.
Vintage Trains 47773 + WCRC 47237 (!) on the Weston super Mare avoider with 'The Whistling Ghost IV', a 1Z73 08.04 Tyseley -Bishops Lydeard. The tour continued to Minehead with steam traction....18/06/16.
After working a 1Z61 07:18 Ashford International - Weston-super-mare GBRf private charter, 73/9's No.s 73961 'Alison' + 73964 'Jeanette' adorned with 'Tonbridge Trailblazers' headboard come off the Weston line at Uphill Jcn with the 5Z62 empty stock to Bishops Lydeard (WSR) for servicing....18/06/16.
73964 'Jeanette' + 73961 'Alison' cross the Huntspill River with a 5Z63 16.28 Bishops Lydeard (WSR) - Weston super Mare empty stock for the return leg of a private GBRf charter to Ashford on 18/06/16.
Former GBRf operated 47's No.s 47848 'TITAN STAR' + 47812 approach Puriton with a Rail Operations Group operated 5V47 05.15 Kilmarnock - Laira T&RSMD formed of another refurbished HST set in GWR green livery. Hidden in the bushes to the right is the trackbed of the branch to the WW2 Royal Ordanance Factory at Puriton....18/06/16.
West Coast Railway Co. 47237 + Vintage Trains' 47773 at Brent Knoll working 1Z74 18.40 Bishops Lydeard (WSR)-Tyseley return leg of 'The Whistling Ghost IV' on 18/06/16.
73/9's No.s 73961 'Alison' + 73964 'Jeanette' adorned with 'Tonbridge Trailblazers' headboard upon arrival with 5Z62 empty stock from West super Mare for servicing....18/06/16.
After working a 1Z61 07:18 Ashford International - Weston-super-mare GBRf private charter, 73/9's No.s 73961 'Alison' + 73964 'Jeanette' adorned with 'Tonbridge Trailblazers' headboard worked the 5Z62 empty stock to Bishops Lydeard (WSR) for servicing....18/06/16.
73961 'Alison' + 73964 'Jeanette' at Bishops Lydeard with a 5Z62 empty stock off the 1Z61 07:18 Ashford International - Weston-super-mare GBRf private charter, 18/06/16.
73964 'Jeanette' + 73961 'Alison' at Bishops Lydeard with 5Z63 16.28 Bishops Lydeard (WSR) - Weston super Mare empty stock for the return leg of a private GBRf charter to Ashford on 18/06/16.