The 'Top Road' and Swindon Area
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66148 works a 6Z12 07.50 Dollands Moor-Trostre at Acton Turville on 02/04/11. The train conveys steel in blue IHA wagons.
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66956 works wrong line at Acton Turville with the 4O51 12.44 SO Wentloog-Southampton.Most of this route has bi-directional signalling allowing trains to get round a problem and avoid long delays.
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66599 crosses Little Somerford viaduct with 6V60 Angerstein-Stoke Gifford on 26/03/11.The large arch spans the River Avon and the arch to the right of that, in the trees, was where the Malmesbury branch passed under.Behind the viaduct there was also a spur linking the branch up to the main line.
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43079 leads a Swansea-Paddington service past Little Somerford Cemetery on 09/04/11.
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66238 disturbs the peaceful surroundings of Little Somerford Cemetery working 6Z12 07.50 Dollands Moor-Trostre steel train on 09/04/11.Note the european grafitti on the GE Rail Services IHA wagons.
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Reinstated 43041,rebuilt with a new cab after its nasty smash with a tree in July 2010, seen passing the tranquil Little Somerford Cemetery on its way to Swansea, 09/04/11.
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66538 works 4O51 Wentloog-Southampton past Little Somerford Cemetery on 09/04/11.
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66597 at Little Somerford with an early running 6V87 Crawley-Stoke Giffford empties....09/04/11.
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Green & White.....66620 and its train of mixed HIA hoppers forming 6V60 Angerstein-Pengam complement the spring colours at Callow Hill on 09/04/11.
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66182 at Callow Hill with a 4D14 Didcot Power Station-Avonmouth on 09/04/11.
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Colas Rail pair 66844+66841 approach Alderton Tunnel with a 6Z78 07.00 Dollands Moor-Llanwern carrying steel in IHA wagons on Easter Monday 25/04/11.
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66844 passes Brinkworth with a delayed 6Z78 12.15 Llanwern exchange sidings-Dollands Moor on 25/04/11.
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43035 speeds west through the remains of Badminton Station in March 2011.The up side building has had its canopy removed in recent years and the obligatory spikey fence has gone up.Most of the down platform in the foreground is intact.
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'Lickey Banker' 66058 works past Brinkworh with 4L36 MO 06.53 Avonmouth BHT-Ripple Lane, this strange working takes a set of empty HTA wagons to East London !..... 31/05/11.
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66519 passes Brinkworth with a 6Z39 Avonmouth-Didcot yard conveying aggregate in MJA box wagons... 02/06/11.
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66098 exits Chipping Sodbury tunnel with IHA steel wagons in tow forming a 6Z12 Dollands Moor-Trostre, a temporary flow of Dutch steel for plating.....04/06/11.
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66572 hurries under 'Fosseway Bridge',Alderton with 4O51 12.44 SO Wentloog-Southampton on 18/06/11.There is plenty of clearance under the bridge with standard height containers on 'pocket' or 'lowliner' wagons......However the bridge will probably be demolished and replaced when the route is electrified.
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Devon & Cornwall Railway branded 56311 works a 6Z56 15.00 Cardiff Tidal-Hoo Jcn scrap empties through Callow Hill on 16/07/11.
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60049....6B33 12.12 Theale-Margam......Chipping Sodbury.......23/07/11.
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70007 with a fully laiden 4O51 12.44 (SO) Wentloog-Southampton hurries through Chipping Sodbury on 23/07/11.
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Now recoded to 6V13 (vice 6Z12), the 07.50 Dollands Moor-Trostre exits Chipping Sodbury tunnel on 23/07/11.
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Having moved from the sunny bridge in the background, the cloud does its best to spoil this shot of 66546 on 6V87 Neasden-Stoke Gifford at the site of Chipping Sodbury station,23/07/11.
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43029 leads the 14.45 Paddington-Swansea out of Chipping Sodbury tunnel on 30/07/11.
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66552 'Maltby Raider' working 6B11 Neasden-Stoke Gifford at Chipping Sodbury passing 43125......30/07/11.
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West Coat Railway Co. 37516 passes Callow Hill with 5Z94 09.18 Bristol TM-Southall FSS returning stock off the previous days steam excursion to Weymouth.....01/08/11.
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70001 'Powerhaul' whips through Callow Hill powering the daily 4O51 Wentloog-Southampton on 01/08/11.
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Denamed and on its last legs...37055 ('RAIL') hammers through Purton with the 6A30 Ashchurch-Didcot MOD train on 29/08/00
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In the latest GBRf/Europorte livery 66731 'Interhub GB' works a Sunday 6V35 11.00 Ferme Park-Cardiff Tidal formed of empty KEA's used for scrap metal.Note the first is a former Foster Yeoman example used for aggregate.....Acton Turville.....21/08/11.
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60059 'Swinden Dalesman' works 6B33 12.12 Theale-Margam past Shrivenham on 20/10/07.
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66542 passing the remains of Uffington loops with 4O51 12.44 Wentloog-Southampton on 24/09/11.
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60071 clags away from Chipping Sodbury tunnel with 6B33 12.12 Theale-Margam, 01/10/11.
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66545 works by Hullavington with 6V60 12.06 Angerstein-Stoke Gifford stone empties on 01/10/11.
FL divert
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66502 passes Shrivenham with a diverted 4O14 Birch Coppice-Southampton on 03/11/07.
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Cotswold Rail's 33202 passes Hullavington on 02/08/07 with a 6Z86 13.50 West Ealing-Newport ADJ conveying a new Colas Rail (SECO) ballast cleaner and associated vehicles.
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A semaphore signal, station nameboard & floral tribute remind the public where the railway entered Cricklade.The station area (behind the camera) is now a housing estate and the trackbed is a road. (cameraphone image!)
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On the day Wootton Bassett was renamed Royal Wootton Bassett, 16/10/11.......66047 passes with a 6W22 11.00 Clifton Down-Hinksey engineers train. I only just made this due to all the fuzz, traffic cones and road closures in the town!
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66151....4D10 Didcot-Avonmouth....Acton Turville.....12/11/11.
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66540 'Ruby' passes Farleaze with a well loaded 4V34 04.45 Felixstowe-Bristol 'Wineliner' on 12/11/11.
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43147 heads a Swansea-Paddington service past the last of the Autumn colour at Farleaze....12/11/11.
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Freshly overhauled and repainted in DB Schenker livery, 60054 works its first of many turns on 6B33 12.12 Theale-Margam Murco empties past Acton Turville on 12/11/11. This loco defied all the odds and retained its original Trainload Freight livery with Petrolium sub sector decals during the EWS era.
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DRS cast-off 66412, now operated by Freightliner and retaining the base coat of its Malcolm livery, works 4V34 04.45 Felixstowe-Bristol past Shrivenham on 19/11/11.
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43087 (once of Hornby livery fame) passing Compton Bauchamp on 10/12/11. Note the oak tree retaining its leaves into December! thanks to the record breaking mild autumn....even Network Rail's RHTT duties have ceased.
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West Coast Railway Co. 57001 leads some smart Pullman livery mkII's forming 'The Bath & Bristol Statesman', 1Z90 06.20 Preston-Bristol TM at Compton Bauchamp on 10/12/11......57601 was at the rear.
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66539 glints past Compton Bauchamp with 4O51 12.44 (SO) Wentloog-Southampton....10/12/11.
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DB Schenker 60054 on 6B33 SO 12.12 Theale-Margam at Shrivenham....17/12/11.
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66014 passes Rodbourne with 6B49 TFO Llanwern-Swindon loaded steel on 16/04/10.
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66590 just east of Alderton Tunnel in some dramatic lighting with a wll loaded 4O51 12.44 (SO) Wentloog-Southampton on 16/10/10.
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With the class 60 fleet down to single figures, pairs of sheds were used on 6B33 12.12 Theale-Margam as DB Schenker assessed its options on these heavy trains.On 10/04/10 66125 & 66122 approach Alderton tunnel............
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59202 has a go on 6B33 12.12 Theale-Margam on 18/09/10 during a period of indecision by DB Schenker of how to avoid using class 60's.........
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Back to plan A !....60096 near Alderton with 6B33 12.12 Theale-Margam, 16/10/10.
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60054 'Charles Babbage' battles through a bleak Bourton with 6B33 12.12 Theale-Margam xx/12/10.
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66006 near Alderton with 6B49 TFO Llanwern-Swindon steel on 13/04/10.
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66167 passes Ram Hill with 6B35 Acton-Moreton on Lugg stone empties formed of a hotch-potch of box wagon types on 16/08/10.
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Unbranded Arriva blue 57316 passing Bourton with a 5Z47 Eastleigh Works-Cardiff Canton stock move on 04/01/10.
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66153 near Alderton with HTA coal empties forming a 4D10 Didcot-Avonmouth on 18/09/10.
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Some dramatic lighting greets 60096 and 6B33 13.36 Theale-Robeston at Badminton on 21/10/10.
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66078 at Bourton with a 6X50 Westbury-Beeston conveying some brand new IFA-U point carriers back to base after the renewal of points at Heywood Road Jcn,Westbury....04/01/10.
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Spotlight fitted 'Lickey banker' 66059 at Acton Turville with 4D10 Didcot Power Station-Avonmouth on 28/01/12.
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Rebuilt 60091, the former 'An Teallach' now in DBS red passes Acton Turville with 6B33 12.12 Theale-Margam on 28/01/12.
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During its final months, 58016 has a rare outing on 4M08 Swindon-Longbridge car panels seen smoking away from Cocklebury yard on 05/07/02. Saltley depot provided the 'bone' headboard and white buffers prior to woking the southbound working that morning.
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43041 enters Swindon off the Kemble line with a diverted Carmarthen-Paddington service on 19/02/12.
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66020 passing the remains of Swindon Works with a 6W01 07.00 Patchway-Hinksey on 19/02/12.
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43009 'FIRST-transforming travel' passing the remains of Swindon Works...19/02/12.
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43093 departs Swindon with the 12.14 to Bristol TM on 19/02/12.
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66037 leads a 6X90 09.15 Bathampton-Willesden track relaying train (TRT) past Farleaze on 25/03/12.
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66011 comes under Fosseway bridge with a 6W01 Bathampton-Hinksey on 25/03/12.
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60074 'Teenage Spirit' near Compton Bauchamp with 6B33 13.36 Theale-Robeston on 27/03/12.
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66618 'Railways Illustrated' at Compton Bauchamp with a 6V87 WFO 10.59 Crawley - Bristol Barrow Road formed of empty MJA box wagons.
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Overhauled,yet still covered in soot!, 60079 passes Compton Bauchamp with a rare Sunday working of 6B33, this one a retimed 14.44 Theale-Margam running as a VSTP due to the inbound Saturday working being over six and a half hours late....dispite the date, this was no April fool !!
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Res livery 47624 'Saint Andrew' passes Shrivenham with an unknown working formed of a uniform rake of Royal Mail livery BG's & GUV's on 30/01/95.
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37611 leads a rare Saturday 1Q13 09.30 Exeter Riverside-Didcot Yard with 37601 on the rear having just emerged from Chipping Sodbury Tunnel....26/05/12.
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60079 thunders past Acton Turville with 6B33 SO 12.12 Theale-Margam 'Murco' empties on 08/09/12. Note the uncut grass on the right and fields of hay,normally made in June, on the left.....evidence of the wettest summer for 100 years !!!
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.....Summer 2012 was also one of the dullest and the light has dipped again for the passing of 47790 'Galloway Princess' leading the 5Z79 15.55 Swindon-Bath 'Northern Belle' empty stock.......Acton Turville 08/09/12.
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66040 passes Farleaze with 6B49 TFO 08.18 Llanwern-Swindon loaded steel.Note the blue haze of brake smoke at the rear of the train from one of the wagons as the train slowed for Hullavington loop.....16/10/12.
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66149 works 6D11 Avonmouth-Didcot loaded HTA's past Farleaze on 16/10/12. These trains will cease in March 2013 when Didcot switches to Gas instead on imported coal.
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43003 'Isambard Kingdom Brunel' leads the 11.30 Paddington-Bristol past Shrivenham on 08/12/12.
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66124 with 4D10 Didcot Power Station-Avonmouth coal empties at Shrivenham on 08/12/12.
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Still awaiting an overhaul.....60065 'Spirit of Jaguar' in charge of 6B33 12.12 Theale-Margam empty Murco tanks at Shrivenham on 08/12/12.
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Grubby ex-DRS 66416 works past Compton Bauchamp with 4L31 09.03 Bristol-Felixstowe on 04/03/13.
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6D11 MWO-Q 08.27 Avonmouth-Didcot at Compton Bauchamp behind 66154...............04/03/13.
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66184 emerges from the morning mist at Compton Bauchamp with 6D09 TFO-Q 06.53 Avonmouth-Didcot during the final weeks of coal deliveries.........05/03/13.
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66034.........6M50 07.36 Westbury-Bescot...........Compton Bauchamp........05/04/13.
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A commendably clean 66414, the former Stobart livery 'James the Engine' passes Compton Bauchamp with Freightliner's 4L31 09.03 Bristol-Felixstowe on 05/03/13.
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60007 (with Margam 'black sheep' sticker added) powers past Callow Hill with 6B33 13.35 Theale-Robeston on 14/03/13.
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With only days left before the end of coal trains between Avonmouth and Didcot....66122 passes Highworth Jcn,Swindon with the 4D06 empties.......16/03/13.
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Passing under the threatened lattice footbridge at Highworth Jcn,Swindon is 43133..........16/03/13.
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66572 passing the waterlogged field at Shrivenham with a Saturday 4V52 10.00 Maritime-Wentloog on 16/03/13.
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70019 works 4O59 10.44 Wentloog-Maritime through what was once Shrivenham station. Note the recent sign on the old platform to inform Network Rail staff 'you are here' !!!
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Faded 67023 with VSOE stock in tow forming a 1Z57 11.37 Paddington-Cardiff in connection with the Six Nations rugby at the Millenium Stadium on 16/03/13.
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DRS 47828 leads a 1Z38 13.13 Paddington-Cardiff Northen Belle excursion (Six Nations rugby at the Millenium Stadium).......Shrivenham.....16/03/13.
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67006 (with 67005 on the rear) pass Fosseway Bridge with a filming special on 26/10/09.
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Careworn 60085 'MINI -Pride of Oxford' passes the MINI car panel plant at Swindon (note the red Mini hung on the wall) with 6B33 12.12 Theale-Margam on 07/11/09. Typically the panels made here go to the Cowley (Oxford) plant by road and the class 60's are never used on car trains from Cowley, so the naming of this loco was purely a publicity stunt.
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Former Stobart Rail livery 66414 works Freightliner's 4O59 SO 10.44 Wentloog-Southampton past Farleaze on 04/05/13.
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66124 passes Badminton with 6V47 MThO 10.13 Tilbury-Trostre on Bank Holiday Monday 27/05/13. Note the pile of rubble dumped trackside !! and new fence associated with the replacement of this bridge.
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Having emerged from Chipping Sodbury Tunnel, 66542 approaches Acton Turville with 4O51 10.08 Wentloog-Southampton on 19/07/13.
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During a week blockade on the Kemble line, work to reinstate the route to double track is underway.This is the site of Minety & Ashton Keynes Station (closed Nov 1964).The existing line has been slewed across from the centre to make room for the 2nd track.Note the surving old platform on the left ! and untamped track occupied by 66001 & 66057.......19/08/13.
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66540 'Ruby' wheels 4L32 11.00 Bristol-Tilbury past Wootton Bassett Jcn. New housing has sprung up here aswell as the enevitable Network Rail clutter !!!................16/09/13.
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Following an engineering overrun on the B&H route due to a failed tamper !, the 6Z20 10.37 Whatley-Hothfield was diverted via Swindon.......66120 passes Wootton Bassett Jcn on 16/09/13.
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66620 passes Wootton Bassett Jcn with 6M40 11.56 Westbury-Stud Farm empty IOA ballast boxes on 16/09/13.
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EW&S livery 60049 works 6M50 07.55 Westbury-Bescot past Bourton on 10/10/13.
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66087 works the recently introduced 6M26 08.55 Westbury-Stud Farm through the trimmed cutting at Bourton on 10/10/13.
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66595 on 4L31 09.00 Bristol-Felixstowe passes Bourton on 10/10/13. The banks here have been trimmed to an exact distance, a sappling just outside this distance was spared but all its overhanging branches were removed !...all in the name of electrification.
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EW&S livery 60049 now back in frontline service, passes Bourton with 6B33 11.42 Theale-Margam on 19/10/13.
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With no access to the B&H route due to the Reading rebuild a diverted 7C77 SO 12.40 Acton-Westbury passes Shrivenham behind de-branded 59004 & 59202 on 19/10/13.
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Under a dark sky after a downpour, another B & H divert, 6V51 14.35 St.Pancras-Westbury with 66201 in charge passing Shrivenham on 19/10/13.
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E W & S livery survivor 60049 passes Compton Bauchamp with 6B33 13.00 Theale-Robeston on 29/10/13.
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66846 passes the forest that was Swindon Cocklebury Yard with 6M50 07.55 Westbury-Bescot on 04/11/13.
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Now Colas Railfreight operated, 6M50 07.55 Westbury-Bescot passes Bourton on 04/11/13.
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43182 speeds under Bourton bridge with 1L32 06.58 Swanse-Paddington. Note the dead pheasant wedged in the horn grille !!......04/11/13.
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66503 'The Railway Magazine' passes Bourton with a well loaded 4L31 09.03 Bristol-Felixstowe on 04/11/13.
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Colas Railfreight 66849 'Wylam Dilly' passes Denchworth with 6M50 07.55 Westbury-Bescot on 13/11/13.
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43146 passes the autumn colours at Denchworth on 13/11/13.....note the pruned trees and strimmed banks here ready for the dreded electrification..
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A discraced Powerhaul livery 66504,failed with low power, crawls along the loop at Denchworth with a delayed 4V51 03.12 Southampton-Wentloog on 13/11/13.........
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...Low on power, 66504 limps along the loop at Denchworth where Rescue loco 70007 is waiting.......
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All coupled up and ready to go 70007+ failed 66504 in Challow loop with the late running 4V51 03.12 Southampton-Wentloog on 13/11/13.
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All Change branded 43186 whips through Challow on 13/11/13.
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70007+66504 exit Challow loop with the late running 4V51 03.12 Southampton-wentloog on 13/11/13.
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A busy scene at Challow..... 66572 speeds through on the main with a delayed 4L31 09.03 Bristol-Felixstowe while on the left 70007+66504 depart with the late 4V51 to Wentloog.....13/11/13.
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Licky banker (spotlight fitted) 66055 runs along the loop at Denchworth with 6B35 10.47 Hayes-Moreton-on-Lugg....13/11/13.
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Unusually formed of MRA side tippers, 6M40, the 11.56 Westbury-Stud Farm passes Denchworth behind 66547 on 13/11/13........this train is rumoured to be another Colas Job in 2014.
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43169 ' The National Trust'.....Denchworth........13/11/13.
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59203 with driver Higson at the controls working 7C54 13.06 Oxford Banbury Road-Westbury at Denchworth on 13/11/13.
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59203 with driver Higson at the controls working 7C54 13.06 Oxford Banbury Road-Westbury at Denchworth on 13/11/13.
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43175 'GWR 175th Anniversary'.......Denchworth.......13/11/13.
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60065 'Spirit of Jaguar' works an additional WO 6B33 13.00 Theale-Robeston along the loop at Denchworth. Note the uniform set of 10 VTG tanks at the front...........13/11/13.
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60065 'Spirit of Jaguar' works an additional WO 6B33 13.00 Theale-Robeston along the loop at Denchworth. Note the uniform set of 10 VTG tanks at the front...........13/11/13.
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60065 'Spirit of Jaguar' works an additional WO 6B33 13.00 Theale-Robeston in the loop at Challow. Note the uniform set of 10 VTG tanks at the front...........13/11/13.
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After four HST's 60065 continues its journey with 6B33 13.00 Theale-Robeston passing the site of Challow Station on 13/11/13.
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D1015 WESTERN CHAMPION passing the site of Uffington loops with a 1Z52 07.01 Crewe-Quainton Road charter on 14/12/13.
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1L32, the 06.58 Swansea-Paddington led by 43193 at Compton Bauchamp on 08/04/14.
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Colas pair 70805 & 70802 make light work on 6M50 07.55 Westbury-Bescot at Compton Bauchamp on 08/04/14.
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Former GNER 43053 comes under the threatened B4000 bridge at Shrivenham with 1L38 07.58 Swansea-Paddington on 08/04/14.
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GBRf took over the 6M40 11.56 Westbury-Stud Farm ballast flowfrom FLHH on 31/03/14, adding to the spring colours at Baulking is 66710 on 08/04/14.
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1A13 10.30 Bristol TM-Paddington with 43147 leading under the B4000 bridge at Shrivenham on 08/04/14.
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43063 leads 1A15 11.30 Bristol TM-Paddington past the site of Shrivenham station and the threatened B4000 road bridge on 08/04/14.
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43137 at Baulking with FGW's 1A16 07.41 Penzance-Paddington on 08/04/14.
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59001 passes Shrivenham on 08/04/14 with 7C54 13.06 Oxford-Banbury Road-Westbury stone empties.
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66558 approaches West Swindon with 4L32 11.00 Bristol-Tilbury 'wineliner' on 15/04/14. Note the vegatation has been cut back both sides ready for the dreaded masts.
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70009 approaches West Swindon with 4O51 09.58 Wentloog-Southampton on 15/04/14.
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Recently GBRf have taken over the 6M40 11.56 Westbury-Stud Farm ballast, on 15/04/14 Europorte livery 66738 passes Wootton Bassett. The former station yard here is now a constant hive of activity as prep work for the forthcoming electrification continues. A recent study also recommended rebuilding the station here.
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66054 passes Shrivenham on BHM 21/04/14 with 4B35 08.15 Wembley-Moreton on Lugg.
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43002 leads 1B35 1245 London Paddington - Swansea past Shrivenham on 26/04/14.
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43156 leads 1L55 1128 Swansea-Paddington at Bourton. On the left the 1C14 1230 London Paddington-Bristol TM is held as single line working was in place due to problems with the Wentloog-Southampton. freightliner, 26/04/14.
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66849 passes Bourton with 6V62 11.00 Tilbury Riverside-Llanwern on 03/05/14.
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43005 leads another Paddington bound service past the rusty and unused railhead at South Marston.....17/05/14.
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34046 'BRAUNTON' passes South Marston with 1Z37 09.38 Gloucester-Worcester Shrub Hill 'The Welsh Borders' on 17/05/14.
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43022 hurries past the headshunt of the unused South Marston Railhead with another Paddington bound service. Note the bland advertising hoarding trying to attract some business !!!......17/05/14.
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43004 heads away from Swindon past the new High Output Operations Base (HOOB) for the forthcoming electrification, 2 parts of the Windhoff 'factory train' are stabled. On the right is 'Cocklebury yard forest' !!! 17/05/14.
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60040 'The Territorial Army Centenary' passes Highworth Junction with 6B33 11.27 Theale-Margam on 17/05/14.
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66135 passes Highworth Junction with 6V13 08.12 Dollands Moor-Margam steel on 17/05/14.
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GBRf 66745 'Modern Railways - The First Fifty Years' passes Royal Wootton Bassett with 6M40 11.56 Westbury-Stud Farm ballast empties on 19/05/14.
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FGW's 153377 approaches Royal Wootton Basset with the 12.47 Swindon-Westbury Trans Wilts Express on 19/05/14.
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60040 'The Territorial Army Centenary' at Rodbourne with 6B33 11.27 Theale-Margam on 07/06/14.
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Colas 56113 passes Bourton with 6V62 WO 11.22 Tilbury-Llanwern steel on 18/06/14
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Still gong strong, unrefurbished 60065 'Spirit of Jaguar' works 6B33 12.12 Theale-Margam past Acton Turville on 21/06/14.
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Colas 70809 passes embankment stabilization work at Callow Hill with a spoil train from Alderton to form 6C21 11.55 Wootton Bassett Jcn-Hinksey yard on 29/06/14. CLICK HERE to compare the scene in 2011. Note the farm bridge has been rebuilt.
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66587, with a colourful 4L32 11.00 Bristol-Tilbury in tow, passes Royal Wootton Bassett on 30/06/14.
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Colas 56105 does a turn on 6V62 11.00 Tilbury-Llanwern steel at Baulking on 02/07/14.
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Colas Rail Freight 56087 approaches Royal Wootton Bassett with 6V62 11.00 Tilbury-Llanwern steel empties on 09/07/14.
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Debranded ex-DRS 66418 approaches West Swindon with 4L31 09.03 Bristol-Felixstowe on 14/07/14. The train was over 100 minutes late.
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43028....Wootton Bassett....29/07/14
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GBRf 66743 works 6M40 11.56 Westbury-Stud Farm past Wootton Bassett Junction on 29/07/14.
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66175 at Bourton with KEA box wagons forming 6C54 13.06 Banbury Road-Westbury on 30/07/14.
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Colas 56113 throbs past Bourton with 6V62 11.22 Tilbury-Llanwern on 30/07/14.
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Colas 60087 'CLIC Sargent' passes Bourton with 6V62 11.22 Tilbury-Llanwern on 13/09/14.
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WCRC 37706 passes Bourton with a 5Z36 12.35 Southall-Bristol empty stock move. The smoke at the rear is 34067 'Tangmere' not dragging brakes !!!
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66075 with old VTG ferrywagons in tow approaching Callow Hill forming 6V47 Tilbury-Trostre on 15/09/14.
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70809 departs the loop at Greenbridge with 6M50 07.55 Westbury-Bescot on 22/09/14.
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66591 at Greenbridge with 4L31 09.03 Bristol-Felixstowe on 22/09/14.
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43163 in 'Visit Plymouth' vinyls leads 1A14 11.00 Bristol TM-Paddington past Shrivenham on 22/09/14.
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70014 comes under the B4000 bridge at Shrivenham with 4O51 10.57 Wentloog-Southampton on 22/09/14.
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66169 works a diverted 6M20 10.37 Whatley-St.Pancras loaded stone through the cutting at Bourton on 22/09/14.
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66087 comes under the threatened red brick bridge at Bourton with 6C54 12.59 Oxford Banbury Road-Whatley on 22/09/14.Note the KEA wagons.
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66745......6M40 11.56 Westbury-Stud Farm..........Bourton.........22/09/14.
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66620 with some former Bardon hoppers now repainted in grey forming a 6V60 11.56 Angerstein Wharf-Stoke Gifford at Baulking on 22/09/14.
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A smart looking 66150 works a delayed 6B35 Hayes-Moreton on Lugg past Baulking on 22/09/14.
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43035 leads 1A14 11.00 Bristol TM-Paddington past the severed remains of Highworth Jcn footbridge on 01/10/14.
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70018 passes the severed remains of Highworth Jcn footbridge with 4O51 09.58 Wentloog-Southampton on 01/10/14. The span of the bridge has been unceremoniously gas-axed off and is to be replaced by a new higher structure ready for the forthcoming electrification.
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The remains of Highworth Jcn footbridge........unceremoniously gas-axed into 3 sections to fit on a lorry for a one way trip to the scrapman. Surely left in one piece this could of been donated to a preserved line ? !!
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Various 'Windhoff' vehicles and steel piles around the sprawling High Output Operations Base (HOOB) at Swindon with the severed footbridge at Highworth Jcn in the foreground as a stark reminder of the relentless drive to electrification.....01/10/14
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43146 leads 1A16 07.41 Penzance-Paddington under Steppingstone Lane,Bourton on 01/10/14.
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66213 passes under the doomed B4000 road bridge at the site of Shrivenham station with 6C54 13.06 Oxford Banbury Road-Westbury on 01/10/14.
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The second Colas class 60 to return to use, 60021 passes Compton Beachamp with 6V62 11.22 Tilbury Riverside-Llanwern on 01/10/14.
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One of the latest batch of GBRf 66's to enter traffic, 66757 passes Wootton Bassett Jcn with 6M40 11.56 Westbury-Stud Farm ballast empties on 20/10/14.
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60100 passes Badminton with 6B33 13.00 Margam-Robeston on 21/10/14. Note the new B4040 road bridge and the far bank cut back for the forthcoming electrification.
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60001 with KEA boxes in tow forms 6C54 13.06 Oxford Banbury Road- Westbury, passing Shrivenham on 31/10/14..... part of its week long stint on Mendip stone duties.
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Colas Railfreight 60021 works 6V62 11.20 Tilbury-Llanwern steel past Denchworth, in the Vale of the White Horse (!).......05/11/14.
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Colas Railfreight 60021 gets away from its booked stop at Challow and resumes its journey with 6V62 11.20 Tilbury-Llanwern on 05/11/14.
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56087 at South Marston with 6V62 11.20 Tilbury Riverside-Llanwern on 29/11/14.
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43033 'Driver Brian Cooper 15 June 1947 - 5 October 1999' leads 1B25 10.45 Paddington-Swansea past Shrivenham on 13/12/14.
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WCRC 47245,recently repainted but sadly into drab house colours, leads a 1Z36 06.38 Skegness-Bath Spa 'Christmas Special' (for Bath Xmas Market) past Shrivenham on 13/12/14. BR blue 47580 had set off leading this tour but an unadvertised reversal enroute saw it on the rear for most of the journey. The 'Spirit of The Lakes' headboard is also an afterthought !.
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One time Mainline blue livery 60044 passes South Marston with 6B33 11.27 Theale-Margam Murco empties on 13/12/14.
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FLHH 66952 works a 6X55 11.12 Westbury-Kennett Bridge Jcn engineers past South Marston on 13/12/14.
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43016 leads a seven coach set forming 1C16 13.30 Paddington-Bristol Temple Meads past the site of thje goods loops at Uffington on 13/12/14.
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60021 passes the site of the goods loops at Uffington with 6V62 11.20 Tilbury Riverside-Llanwern on 13/12/14.
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43180 leads 1A14 11.00 Bristol Temple Meads-Paddington past the Johnson Aggregates siding at Wootton Bassett on 19/12/14. (photo taken with prior permission).
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A workstained 66590 passes Wootton Bassett Jcn with 4O51 09.58 Wentloog-Southampton on 19/12/14. (photo taken with prior permission)
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66514 comes off the Badminton route (Top Road) at Wootton Bassett Jcn with 4M18 09.46 Taunton Fairwater yard-Washwood Heath Cemex ,19/12/14 (photo taken with prior permission)
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66954 works 4L32 11.00 Bristol-Tilbury past the Johnson Aggregates siding at Wootton Bassett on 19/12/14. (photo taken with prior permission)
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66154 works 6B24 Didcot-Wentloog MOD past Farleaze on 26/10/09.
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66954 passes a wintery Acton Turville with 4O51 09.58 Wentloog-Southampton on 21/12/09.
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First Great Western's 1L24 06.28 Swansea-Paddington led by 'Visit Plymouth' livery 43163 passes a frosty Bourton on 29/12/14.
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With frost on the roof, 70809 passes a sub-zero Bourton with a 6X50 08.09 Westbury-Bescot on 29/12/14.
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TATA Steel livery 60099 passes Callow Hill with 6B33 13.00 Theale-Robeston on 06/01/15.
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66516 comes under the old Hay Lane bridge,near Swindon with 4L31 09.03 Bristol-Felixstowe on 19/01/15.
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70016 hurries past Wootton Bassett Jcn with 4O70 09.58 Wentloog-Southampton on 19/01/15.
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66074 comes under the M4 near Swindon with 6V47 10.27 Tilbury I.R.F.T.-Trostre.Note the VGA van behind the loco and several more in the consist....19/01/15.
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43041 'Meningitis Trust - Support for Life' leads 1L48 0928 Swansea-Paddington under the reconstructed A4040 bridge at Acton Turville on 17/02/15.
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A work stained 66591 passes Acton Turville with 4O51 09.58 Wentloog-Southampton on 17/02/15. The shot did include 7 horses, but someone had just arrived at the field gate with a bale of hay !!!
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66037 with HKA hoppers in tow (some still in ex-National Power blue livery) forming a 10.43 Southall Yard-Moreton on Lugg at Acton Turville on 17/02/15.
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60019 'Port of Grimsby & Immingham' near Rushey Platt with 6B33 13.00 Theale-Robeston Murco empties on 17/02/15.
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70807 passes South Marston with 6M50 07.55 Westbury-Bescot on 18/02/15.