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66135 dodges the shadows as it gets away from Westbury with a 6W39 09.15 loaded ballast to Alston Goods Loop,Cheltenham on 13/01/13.
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150265 in 'local lines' livery partners 'cover all' blue livery 150123 forming the 09.39 SUN Frome-Bristol TM on 13/01/13.
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Former GNER power car 43056 now with FGW and named 'The Royal British Legion' leads the 08.43 Exeter St.Davids-Paddington into Westbury on 13/01/13.
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DBS 59203 arrives into Westbury with a 6W25 08.27 from Blatchbridge Jcn (via Taunton !) on 13/01/13.
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SWT 159017+159001 approach Westbury forming a diverted 08.56 Exeter St.Davids-Waterloo on 13/01/13.
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Diverted via Westbury, 159001+159017 head off down the Wylye Valley at Old Dilton with the 08.56 Exeter St.Davids-Waterloo on 13/01/13.
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43171 leads a diverted Bristol-Paddington service round Westbury 'East Chord' on 13/01/13.
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43130 takes the 'East Chord' at Heywood Road Jcn with the diverted 10.37 Paddington-Carmarthen on 13/01/13.
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43070 once of Cotswold Rail fame, now named 'The Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers' , leads FGW's diverted 10.01 Carmarthen-Paddington round the 'East Chord' at Hawkeridge Junction,Westbury on 13/01/13 due to engineering work at Swindon. Expect many more of these over the coming years as the GWML is electrified.
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SWT 159013 leads 159101 away from Westbury forming a diverted 11.15 Waterloo-Exeter St.Davids on 13/01/13.
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59203 works a delayed 7C29 05.44 Acton-Merehead through snowy Great Cheverell on 19/01/13. Note the back portion of the train is still loaded !!!
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59002 stabled in 'The Ditch' at Westbury with 25 (!) autoballasters formed up to work 6W41 11.48 to Blatchbridge Junction,Frome (via Taunton !!!).....17/02/13.
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150216 works a diverted 2O91 13.59 Bristol TM-Weymouth down the Frome avoider on 17/02/13. Its normal route via Frome closed for the replacement of jointed track.
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EWS 66067 works down the Frome avoider with side tipping MRA wagons forming a 6W37 14.54 Westbury-Saltash on 17/02/13.
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The 2V83 14.00 Weymouth-Bristol hurries up the Frome avoider missing out its normal route, in the foreground, into Frome as the jointed track here was being replaced....17/02/13.
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59103 (top 'n' tail with 59101) leave Westbury with a 7W34 16.40 to Hemerdon on 02/03/13.
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66152.....Heywood Road Junction......6V51 14.33 St.Pancras-Westbury........02/03/13.
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66091 passes Woodborough with 6V47 MThO 10.13 Tilbury-Trostre, a circuitous working which brings an empty steel train to the 'Berks & Hants' route.........14/03/13.
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In appaling conditions 31233 rattles past Great Cheverell on a 3Q02 22.50 Exeter-Derby transit move on 16/03/13.
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60010 passes Thingley,nr Chippenham with a diverted 6B33 Theale-Margam 'Murco' empties on a wet 16/03/13.
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66541 diverted 4O22 01.47 Trafford Park-Southampton........Good Friday 29/03/13...... (Reading Easter blockade)
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66020............7O41 10.12 Westbury-Eastleigh.........Norton Bavant........29/03/13.
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With Reading closed over the Easter period for engineering work FGW services to Paddington were diverted, 43190 passes Norton Bavant with a 1O43 10.00 Penzance-Waterloo on Good Friday 29/03/13.
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66537 passes Norton Bavant with a diverted 4O49 09.23 Crewe-Southampton liner on Good Friday 29/03/13. Its normal route closed as part of the Reading remodelling over Easter.
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66564 + 66517....... diverted 4O27 Garston-Southampton.........Old Dilton...........29/03/13.
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43150 leads FGW's 1V75 14.07 Waterloo-Penzance service past Upton Scudamore on 29/03/13. With Reading closed for remodelling,FGW services diverted to/from Waterloo instead of Paddington.
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60010 squeals off the East Chord at Hawkeridge Jcn with a diverted 6B33 11.37 Theale-Margam Murco empties. Its booked route affected by engineering work at Reading West Junction.....30/03/13.
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Having stabled at Westbury the previous night, 'Thames Turbo' 165110 runs ECS to the station to commence another day of shuttles to/from Reading during the engineering blockade over Easter.....31/03/13.
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66114 approaches Hawkeridge Jcn with a 7W11 08.00 Foxhall Jcn-Westbury, class 7 due to the Colas cranes on the rear.....31/03/13.
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With Westbury cement works chimney in the background, 'Turbo' 165110 passes the former goods shed at the site of Edington & Bratton station with the temporary 09.15 Westbury-Reading shuttle on 31/03/13.
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'Bond' shed 007 at Hawkeridge on a 6W10 09.00 Foxhall Jcn-Westbury assignment............31/03/13.
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43010 leads a 1O37 08.40 Plymouth-Waterloo through unfamilier surroundings at Warminster on 31/03/13. Services were diverted away from Paddington during engineering works at Reading.....31/03/13.
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A temporary service to and from Reading during engineering works there over Easter brought the sight of 'Turbo' units at Westbury, 165110 arrives on 31/03/13 running as 1K30 10.42 Reading-Westbury passing HTA coal wagons,also rare at Westbury, redundant after the demise of Didcot Power Station.
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1O38 08.35 Penzance-Waterloo led by 43164 at Norton Bavant on 13/03/13.... Major engineering work at Reading meaning HST's via the Wylye Valley to Waterloo .
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43021 takes 1V73 12.10 Waterloo-Penzance past Scratchbury Hill, near Warminster on 13/03/13.
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43030 tackles Upton Scudamore bank with 1O39 11.01 Penzance-Waterloo....Major engineering work at Reading meant HST's were routed via the Wylye Valley........31/03/13.
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158961 leads a Cardiff-Portsmouth service into westbury past the rare sight of stored HTA coal hoppers, redundant since the demise of Didcot Power Station.....31/03/13.
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60010 passes Trowbridge with another diverted 6B33 13.00 Theale-Margam, note the new black triangle sign here (?)....on a grim April Fools day, when only foools were out !.
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66150 works up the single line at Staverton, near Bradford Junction with a diverted 6V27 Eastleigh-Hinksey conveying sand. Note a different version of the Margam 'black sheep' sticker !...01/04/13.
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DBS livery 66118 at Hawkeridge with a long distance 6Z16 08.30 Milford Sidings-Westbury transfering Ex-National Power JMA coal wagons (now recoded HKA) for another spell on Mendip stone traffic (?).....01/04/13.
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Destination Par !!!, well Westbury stabling point actually !
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After a succession of units and diverted HST, 66118 climbs out of Westbury over the avoiding line to shunt 6Z16 08.30 ex-National Power Hoppers from Milford Sidings into the Down yard on 01/04/13.
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A Reading-Westbury temporary shuttle arrives on 01/04/13 in the shape of 165107.
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With no way past Reading off the B&H route during the ongoing remodelling, the diverted 05.40 Plymouth-Paddington led by 43139 passes Holt on the single line near Melksham....02/04/13.
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66145 clatters over Hawkeridge Jcn with a retimed STP 6M50 08.44 to Bescot on 02/04/13.
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Hanson 59101 & 66155 head the diverted 7A09 07.12 Merehead-Acton past Hawkeridge Jcn on 02/04/13. Due to the ongoing improvement works at Reading there was no way past Reading off the B&H route.
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66003 enters Bath with a delayed 6C83 Westbury-Avonmouth Bennets Siding stone empties on 02/04/13.
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The weekly fuel train for Bristol St.Philips Marsh HST depot, 6V62 TO 09.13 ex-Fawley approaches Bath Spa powered by 66129 on 02/04/13.
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The diverted 15.36 Paddington-Penzance led by 43022 takes the Melksham line at Thingley Jcn on 02/04/13. Its normal route affected by the ongoing rebuilding works at Reading Station.
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With ongoing engineering work at Reading blocking access to the B&H route for through trains, 7C77 12.40 Acton-Merehead takes the Melksham line at Thingley Jcn,Chippenham on 02/04/13.
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59103 works the diverted 6V18 Hither Green-Whatley into Chippenham on 02/04/13. Its normal route down the B&H blocked by engineering work at Reading.
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66043 with another diverted stone empties, 6V62 (Q) 14.33 St.Pancras-Whatley passing Langley Burrell on 02/04/13.
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During ongoing engineering work at Reading Turbos were used on shuttles as the B&H route was blocked to through trains. 165102 passes Great Cheverell with a delayed 15.30 Reading-Westbury temporary service on 03/04/13.
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59202 wheels a 7Z66 Wootton Bassett-Merehead round the bend at Ladydown,Trowbridge on 05/04/13.
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59002 approaches Fairwood Jcn working a 6W32 08.30 Castle Cary-Westbury on 07/04/13.
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165102 in strange surroundings at Westbury arriving with a 1K33 temporary service from Theale on Sunday 07/04/13.
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Wagon froth....... re-bogied former National Power JMA's (now coded HKA) back at Westbury for another spell on Mendip stone traffic....07/04/13.
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43195 leads a 1O37 Penzance-Waterloo service, diverted away from Reading down the Wylye Valley, past Dilton Marsh Halt on 06/04/13. After locals saved it from closure by BR and Dr.Beaching it became the subject of a famous poem by Sir John Betjeman.
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59203 passes Norton Bavant with the as required 6V12 (Q) 15.38 Woking-Whatley on 12/04/13
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A spangley looking 153361 contrasts with the usual 158 drudgery at Berkley on 12/04/13 forming 2O94, the 14.50 Great Malvern-Weymouth.
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59203 works a 6V12 15.38 (Q) Woking-Whatley (vice Merehead) past Berkley on 12/04/13.
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59202 leads a JZA long welded rail train forming a 6W97 06.40 Didcot-Westbury near Lacock on the single line from Thingley Jcn - Bradford Jcn. 59201 can just be seen on the rear.......21/04/13.
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DBS 59203 pulls into Westbury with the retimed 6C74 16.00 Theale-Whatley on 29/04/13. A housing development will soon obscure the view of Heywood Road Jcn in the right distance.
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Blackthorn blossom out at the end of April, proof of a delayed start to Spring as 59102 works 6V12 15.38 Woking-Merehead near Fairwood Jcn on 29/04/13.
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66074 with a long rake of 'coalfish' & JNA's powers away from Fairwood Jcn with a 6Y81 Westbury-Castle Cary on 29/04/13. The Cary-Taunton stretch of line closed for several weeks for engineering work during the week.
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Having been blocked in the Down Reception at Westbury by 6Y81 (see previous), 59203, with fresh driver, continues with 6C74 16.00 Theale-Whatley near Fairwood Jcn on 29/04/13.
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60059 'Swinden Dalesman' with some MLA's in tow at Upton Scudamore forming a late running 6O41 10.20 Westbury-Eastleigh on 30/04/13.
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57305 provides rare power for the normally Freightliner operated 6Z30 17.23 Westbury-Eastleigh at Old Dilton on 30/04/13. Several FL loco's were employed on a mid-week engineering blockade between Castle Cary & Taunton which created extra spoil trains like this but also a loco shortage !!!.
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Former National Power JMA coal wagons,now coded HKA pass Edington behind 66169 forming 6A26 10.37 Whatley-Hayes on 01/05/13. Note these huge, rebogied wagons are only part loaded.
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66080 approaches Trowbridge with a 6W40 18.13 Westbury-Whitland ballast.........01/05/13.
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On a cloudless 01/05/13, DBS 60059 'Swinden Dalesman' does another turn on 6V41 14.45 Eastleigh-Westbury conveying a huge Volker Rail Kirow crane and associated wagons.
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59204 crosses Yarnbrook viaduct with 7Z66 17.41 Wootton Bassett-Merehead on 01/05/13.
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59101+59004 on 7C76 14.40 Acton-Whatley approach Clink Road Jcn..............02/05/13.
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Margam sheep branded 66150 leads 0X12, the weekly Margam-Eastleigh loco convoy through Freshford on 04/05/13.
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66074....7C80 12.14 Machen-Westbury.......Freshford.......04/05/13.
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59202+59001 front 7C77 12.40 Acton-Merehead at Great Cheverell on Saturday 04/05/13. Note the 6 IIA's at the front of the consist.
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66604 departs Westbury with a delayed (late HST) 6A85 16.25 Westbury VQ-Taunton Fairwater yard on 04/05/13.
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66169 arrives at Westbury with 6V51, the 14.32 from St.Pancras Churchyard Sidings formed of of ex-National Power HKA's on 04/05/13.
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Having seen 66074 leading a huge Volker Rail KIrow crane ready to depart Westbury, I was not amused when the train passed Yarnbrook led by 66041.....The train had been turned on the 'East Chord' so the crane was out of sight at the rear !!!!.........04/05/13.
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Freightliner Heavy Haul operated 6Y13 18.51 Westbury-Spetchley loop passes Yarnbrook with DRS livery 66419 in charge and DRS livery 66415 on the rear.....04/05/13.
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DBS livery 66097 was an appropriate choice for this 6W97 18.21 Westbury-Marshbrook welded rail train, seen at Yarnbrook on 04/05/13.
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The road over the trackbed at Seend Station is closed for six weeks for 'bridge works'......fencing and vegatation have been cleared so far...................
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........ This was the same scene on the 19th of May 2013 !!!
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.........The view from the trackbed looking west on 21/04/13 with some original fencing remaining............
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.........This was the same scene as the previous shot a month later with the bridge now decapitated.
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The view from the bridge overlooking the site of Seend Station looking west. Note the metal fence panel leaning against the surviving Up platform,now covered in grass and brambles. The urban sprawl of Melksham can be seen through the trees, this now encroaches the trackbed in places........21/04/13.
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........The same view as the previous shot taken a month later (19/05/13) looking down the trackbed between the trees from the filled in area between the retaining walls.
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The view east from the Up platform at the remains of Seend Station, now a patio slab works. The roadbridge is closed for six weeks, note the cleared road embankment. The line to Devizes closed in 1966.
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.......The same view as the previous shot taken a month later (19/05/13) stood on the grass covered platform looking at the filled remains of the bridge. Note the wooden sleeper wall in the foreground.
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The view from the trackbed in the remains of Seend Station looking East, the Up platform edge can be seen in the grass above the car bonnet..........what a mess!
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.......A scene of descruction on the 19/05/13 as the decapitated bridge retaining walls get buried.
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.......A scene of descruction on the 19/05/13 as the decapitated bridge retaining walls get buried.
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The view of the trackbed towards Devizes with the carnage of Seend station bridge behind the camera.....19/05/13.
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A 4Z66 07.19 Westbury-Rylstone wagon move passes Hawkeridge Jcn behind 66169 on BHM 06/05/13. Formed of the former National Power HKA's after their short spell on Mendip stone traffic.
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150123.......2M10 Westbury-Swindon......Hawkeridge Jcn..........06/05/13.
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A dissapointing load of 'Salmon' flat wagons form 6M50 07.36 Westbury-Bescot on BHM 06/05/13. Note 66004's odd light clusters !
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Running 24 hours late !!!, 66623 'Bill Bolsover' wheels the previoius days 6Y12 11.00 Ashchurch-Westbury spoil train past Bathampton on 06/05/13.
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66120 + 66074 lead a lengthy 6W36 05.15 Bargoed-Westbury (via Margam) past Bathampton on 06/05/13. The huge consist including the Volker Rail branded Kirow crane and 66044 on the rear had been in use at Tirpil the previous day.
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After a short spell in Bathampton loop 66120 + 66074 continue with 6W36 05.15 Bargoed-Westbury on 06/05/13.
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The huge eight axle Volker Rail branded Kirow crane No. DRK 81613 in the consist of 6W36
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59204 passes increasingly overgrown Crookwood with a later than normal 6V18 14.02 Hither Green-Whatley on 15/05/13. Note the 2 IIA hoppers at the front and shorter than normal consist.
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59004 with JYA boxes in tow forming 7A15 16.16 Merehead-Acton at crookwood on 15/05/13.
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The sound of a 'grid' pounding up the 'B&H' route returned on 15/05/13 after more than 20 years !, when Colas Railfreight 56087 worked a 6C71 19.24 Westbury-Maidenhead rail train past Crookwood.
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59202 passes Edington with 6V18 14.02 Hither Green-Whatley on 16/05/13.
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43022 emerges from The Box Tunnel with the 17.30 Paddington-Weston Super Mare service on 26/05/13.
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Bank Holiday Monday 27/05/13 sees DCR 31190 passing Berkley Marsh with a 6Z32 12.13 Bristol East yard-Weymouth transfering the Sweedish 'RAILVAC' for forthcoming engineering work.
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After its booked layover at Westbury,66128 passes Crookwood with 6M20 02.37 SO Whatley-St.Pancras Churchyard Sidings on 01/06/13. Note the HOA & IIA wagons now in use on this flow.
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Passing through the site of the platforms at Lavington station, 66013 works a 6W22 08.31 Westbury-Maidenhead engineers on 02/06/13.
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A westbuound HST unusually routed over into platform 3 at Westbury on 02/06/13. Note the earthworks above the fifth coach.....rumour has it its the site of a new wind farm !!!!
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Running almost two hours early,as engineers trains can,59202 works a 6W21 Ruscombe-Westbury past Great Cheverell on 02/06/13.The slightly more head on view was chosen to include the late blossoming Hawthorn bushes thanks to the coldest spring for 50 years !!!
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43148 in its new advertising livery, promoting HP tablets, hurries up the Frome avoider with 1A94 SUN 15.54 Penzance-Paddington on 02/06/13.
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Evidence of the coldest spring for 50 years!....Hawthorn blossom out in June,normally early May. 66037 works a delayed 6M20 10.37 Whatley St.Pancras past Great Cheverell on 03/06/13. Note the train is formed of HOA & IIA hoppers.
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150123.......17.28 Warminster-Great Malvern................Upton Scudamore...............03/06/13.
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Just dodging a huge black cloud, 59206 passes Upton Scudamore with 6V12 15.38 Woking-Merehead on 03/06/13.
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More evidence of the late spring, with the Hawthorn blossom out in June, following the coldest spring for 50 years !.....59206 passes Berkeley Marsh with 6V12 15.38 Woking-Merehead....03/06/13.
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DBS livery 66118 with some EWS livery MLA's in tow forming a 6W38 Sutton Bridge Junction-Westbury at Ladydown,near Trowbridge...........09/06/13.
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66110 wheels a 6W37 08.50 Westbury-Craven Arms past Ladydown on 15/06/13.
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Cut down height class 08/9 No. 08995, formally named 'Kidwelly', converted from 08687 in 1987 to work the Burry Port & Gwendraeth Valley line. Having worked all over the network,including the Manchester Metrolink, since its days in West Wales ended it has returned to Westbury for a second time as yard pilot.........15/06/13.
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66115 departs Westbury 'Up' yard with a 6W38 10.26 to Craven Arms on 15/06/13 passing resident shunter, 'cut down cab' 08995, back for its second spell on duty here.
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The Stratford 47 Group's 47580 'County of Essex' pilots Black 5 No. 44932 past Claverton with a West Coast Railway Co. 5Z36 Southal-Bristol empty stock move.......15/06/13.
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59206 passes Upton Scudamore with 6V12 15.38 Woking-Merehead on the longest day of the year, 21st June 2013......luckily the sun was out for a few minutes!
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Eastleigh yard 'super shunter' 60049 (the last active 60 in EW&S livery) passes Upton Scudamore on a run out to Westbury on 6V41........25/06/13
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The illusive 6V62 Tuesday only 14.33 St.Pancras-Whatley passes Berkley behind 66099 on 25/06/13.
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Eastleigh 'super shunter' 60049 (the last active class 60 in EW&S livery) works a 6W57 20.20 Westbury-Swindon, believed to be ballast for the doubling of the Swindon-Kemble section, past Yarnbrook on 25/06/13.
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WCRC 33207 works the Mondays only 5Z83 10.35 Bristol-Southall empty stock past Heytersbury on 01/07/13.The stock had been used on the previous days steam hauled 'Weymouth Seaside Express'
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59101 slogs upgrade at Studley Farm on the Merehead branch with a triple portion 7C77 12.40 Acton-Merehead on 01/07/13.
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FGW 150239 takes the avoiding lines past Frome on 01/07/13 forming a 5Z74 Westbury-Castle Cary empty stock to collect yet more passengers from the Glastonbury Pop Festival .
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DBS 59204 on the Frome avoiding line at an increasingly overgrown Styles Hill with 7Z20 (Q) 10.58 Grain-Merehead on 01/07/13.
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'All Change' branded 43186, advertising a new Hewlett Packard tablet, leads 1C89 17.03 Paddington-Penzance past Edington on 01/07/13.
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59206........Great Cheverell.......7C76 14.40 Acton-Whatley.........04/07/13.
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59101 works 7C74 16.00 Theale-Whatley past the flowering elderr bushes at Edington on 04/07/13.
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Having worked south from Warrington the previous day, 60074 'Teenage Spirit' passes Little Langford with 6O41 10.14 Westbury-Eastleigh on 05/07/13.
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66518 works a lightweight 6Z30 17.23 Westbury-Eastleigh past Old Dilton on 05/07/13.
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66117 approaches Hawkeridge Jcn with a Sunday morning engineers...........I forgot my Flymo !!!
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66016 + 59004 depart Westbury yard with a JZA rail train on 07/07/13.
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60065 'Sprit of Jaguar' (WSSK) passes Upton Scudamore with 6V41 14.45 Eastleigh-Westbury on its way over to become Westbury's new 'Super Shunter' on 08/07/13.
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The erratic 6Z30 17.23 Westbury-Eastleigh passes Old Dilton with a rusty 66518 in charge on 08/08/13.
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59202 gleams in the low evening light approaching Trowbridge with a 6W60 20.17 Westbury-Swindon ballast on 08/07/13. Dispite the clue in the headcode there was no 'tug' until the following evening,this ran late.
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Eastleigh's well travelled 'super shunter' 60049 passes Chippenham with a 6W61 ThO 05.20 Kemble-Hinksey engineers on 11/07/13.
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Colas Rail 47727 'Rebecca' works a 6Z47 06.34 Fairwater Yard-West Ealing (YDA's for repair / repaint) past Berkley Marsh on 12/07/13.
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43004 'First - Transforming Travel' passing Berkley on 12/07/13.
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59201 at Berkley with 7A09 07.12 Merehead-Acton, note the two IIA hoppers.........12/07/13.
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Abandoned EWS FPA 4 wheel cointainer flat No.4000069 with coal box in Westbury yard on 12/07/13.
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DBS livery 66001 passes through Westbury station with 6O42 Halewood-Southampton which is routed this way on Fridays..........12/07/13.
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66175 approches Trowbridge with a 6W98 Westbury-Abbottswood Jcn rail collection train on 13/07/13.
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66050 'EWS Energy' approaches Trowbridge with 6W01 18.51 Westbury-Ystrad Mynach engineers on 13/07/13.
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Intermodal pool 66568 passes the site of Lacock Halt, with a 6Y01 09.00 Reading-Westbury engineers on 14/07/13.
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After problems with the Up Night Riviera sleeper the previous evening 57603 passes the site of Patney & Chirton station (junction for the Devizes line) on 15/07/13 with a 5A40 Penzance-Old Oak Common empty stock move.
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DRS livery 66418 approaches Thingley Jcn with 4L31, Freightliner's 09.03 Bristol-Felixstowe on 19/07/13.
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Freightliner Heavyhaul operated 6Z30 17.23 Westbury-Eastleigh passes colourful Old Dilton behind DRS livery 66415,nothing 'heavy' about this train....just some OAA & OCA wagons !.....19/07/13.
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A clean 66034 makes a prolonged stop for a crew change at Westbury with 6O42 FO 11.31 Halewood-Southampton East Docks. The relief driver was late causing this long train to block the junction and delay the London bound HST casting shadows on the left !........19/07/13.
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Westbury's latest yard pilot............08633 seen on 22/07/13.
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66183 departs Westbury yard with 6M50 07.36 to Bescot passing new arrival 08633..............22/07/13.
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66183 passes Hawkeridge Jcn with 6M50 07.36 Westbury-Bescot. The MBA's & Freightliner branded MJA's in the consist are a stratch rake used for scrap rails from the recycling yard to Aldwarke.........22/07/13.
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Colas pair 47739 'Robin of Templecombe' & 47749 'Demelza' approach Westbury with a 7Z56 from Eastleigh conveying a Balfour Beattie KIROW crane.....22/07/13.
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Colas pair 47739 'Robin of Templecombe' & 47749 'Demelza' at Westbury with a 7Z56 from Eastleigh conveying a Balfour Beattie KIROW crane.....22/07/13.
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Colas pair 47739 'Robin of Templecombe' & 47749 'Demelza' at Westbury with a 7Z56 from Eastleigh conveying a Balfour Beattie KIROW crane.....22/07/13.
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Colas pair 47739 'Robin of Templecombe' & 47749 'Demelza' with a 7Z56 from Eastleigh conveying a Balfour Beattie KIROW crane.After shunting into the recycling yard at Westbury to collect other 'on track plant' the train continues to The National Plant Exhibition at Long Marston, 22/07/13.
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After arriving from Taunton Fairwater yard, 66621 reverses 6C72 into the 'virtual quarry' at Westbury for reloading........22/07/13.
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Colas Rail 47739 'Robin of Templecombe' & 47749 'Demelza' pass Hawkeridge Jcn with 7Z56 10.20 Westbury-Long Marston conveying 2 Kirow cranes (Balfour Beattie & Colas livery),twin jib cranes,HOBC wagons and various tampers to The National Plant Exhibition held at the former MOD base..........22/07/13.
Image 164 of 277
Following the failure of 59004 on 7Z12 Merehead-Wootton Bassett on 24/07/13, 'super shunter 60065 'Spirit of Jaguar' took over at Westbury. Later that evening the 7Z66 17.41 Wootton Bassett-Merehead empties depart Westbury under the White Horse providing the now rare sight of a 60 hauled train to Merehead.
Image 165 of 277
FLHH 66595 departs Westbury with a JZA rail train to Truro on 24/07/13.
Image 166 of 277
Passing the ripening barley field at Fairwood, 59206 'John F.Yeoman' departs westbury with a retimed 6V12 15.38 Woking-Merehead on 24/07/13.
Image 167 of 277
WCRC 33207 'Jim Martin' pilots 5029 Nunney Castle on the approach to Hawkeridge Jcn,Westbury with 1Z82 08.20 Bristol TM-Weymouth 'The Weymouth Seaside Express'. After weeks of cancellations, a last minute decision to take the 33 along as insurance against fire risk,despite heavy rain the day before,caused a 51 minute delay and to annoy the passengers further the diesel was put on the front !.......refund anyone ?......28/07/13.
Image 168 of 277
66621 approaches Hawkeridge Jcn with the massive 6Y11 09.00 Standish Jcn-Fairwater HOBC train, note the refurbished YDA wagons at the front................28/07/13.
Image 169 of 277
With horsepower to spare, 59004 approaches Hawkeridge Jcn on a ridiculously lightweight 6W35 Pilning-Westbury on 28/07/13.
Image 170 of 277
59004 with MBA 'monster box' wagons in tow forming 7Z20. 10.58 Grain-Merehead at Clink Road Jcn on 01/08/13. These wagons had previously been employed on the DCR flyash flow from Didcot Power Station..
Image 171 of 277
After much speculatiuon the 7Z50 17.00 Westbury-Whatley was worked by 59206 with 60065 dead inside, this working is formed of 6C54 ex-Banbury Road and 7V16 ex-Fareham seen at Berkley marsh on 01/08/13.
Image 172 of 277
59101 works 6B80 06.57 Westbury-Machen past Hawkeridge Jcn on 03/08/13. Note the mix of IIA & JHA wagons.
Image 173 of 277
'All change' branded 43148 leads 1C79 11.06 Paddington-Penzance past Crookwood on 03/08/13.
Image 174 of 277
Passing Sherrington, Colas Rail 47727 tows 70099 running as 0Z66 10.57 Eastleigh RSMD-Cardiff Canton for possible future use with Colas Railfreight. Note the sticky tape residue around the windows !
Image 175 of 277
All change HP branded 43186 leads 'The Cornishman' , FGW's 15.06 Paddington-Penzance, through Great Cheverell on 09/08/13.
Image 176 of 277
Margam 'black sheep' branded 66089 wheels a late running 6X41 14.45 Eastleigh-Westbury past Upton Scudamore on 09/08/13. Note the point carriers and Kirow crane at the rear.
Image 177 of 277
WCRC 47237 passes Norton Bavant with 5Z81 13.05 Southall-Bristol empty stock for the following days 'Weymouth Seaside Express'.......10/08/13.
Image 178 of 277
5029 NUNNEY CASTLE works the 'Weymouth Seaside Express', 1Z82 08.20 Bristol TM-Weymouth past Berkley Marsh on 11/08/13.
Image 179 of 277
Booked for 7 cars, FGW's SuO 09.25 BTM-Weymouth formed of 153369+150263+SWT158882+150265 approaches Clink Road Jcn on 11/08/13.
Image 180 of 277
Intermodal pool 66542, looking very grimey , arrives at Westbury with 6Y12 from Haresfield loop on 11/08/13.
Image 181 of 277
WCRC 47245 with failed 47237 in tow enters Westbury with 5Z83 MO 10.35 Bristol Kingsland Road-Southall ewmpty stock on 12/08/13.
Image 182 of 277
Westbury 'super shunter' 60065 stabled on 12/08/13.
Image 183 of 277
Image 184 of 277
DCR 31190 (D5613) awaits the road at Westbury with a 6Z31 to Washwood Heath conveying the Sweedish 'RAILVAC' on 12/08/13.
Image 185 of 277
After working a railtour in East Anglia the previous weekend, DBS 60054 spent a few days working off Acton. On 15/08/13 it was turned out on 7C77 12.40 Acton-Merehead....In a very brief sunny spell between heavy showers it leads 59102 past Lavington.
Image 186 of 277
59104+59102 Get away from Westbury with 7Z66 17.41 Wootton Bassett-Merehead (59104 was added at Westbury).......16/08/13.
Image 187 of 277
Running two hours late due to a fatality at Bedwyn and the resulting diversion via Swindon, 59201 works 7Z20 Grain-Merehead away from Westbury formed of MBA 'monster box' wagons.....16/08/13.
Image 188 of 277
66006 leads a 6W39 Cardiff Queen St-Westbury past Dundas Aquaduct on 18/08/13.
Image 189 of 277
31233 approaches Trowbridge with a 3Z01 Derby-Westbury posistioning move on Bank Holiday Monday 26/08/13. Not the conventional shot due to a 3-car unit entering the frame from beneath me and the 31 doing about 80 mph !!!
Image 190 of 277
08633 with additional lighting for remote control (dont think that get used here?)....stabled at Westbury on BHM 26/08/13.....The faded paint matching that of the faded EWS sign
Image 191 of 277
Harvest is in full swing at Upton Scudamore as 66054 passes with 6V41 15.55 Eastleigh-Westbury on BHM 26/08/13.
Image 192 of 277
66096 powers through Berkley Marsh with a 6X31 18.28 Westbury-Tiverton Loop, formed of IFA-U point carriers and a Kirow crane.....31/08/13.
Image 193 of 277
66096 returns the Volker Rail branded crane and point carriers to Westbury running as 6X31 07.59 ex Cowley Bridge Jcn,passing the straw bales at Berkley on 01/09/13.
Image 194 of 277
66112 and a long string of OAA,OBA & OCA wagons form 6W35 08.38 Cowley Bridge Jcn-Westbury passing the straw bales at Berkley on 01/09/13.
Image 195 of 277
66183 passes Ladydown,Trowbridge with a 6W38 09.10 Pilning-Westbury on 01/09/13.
Image 196 of 277
Day 1 of the contract that sees Colas provide power for 6Z30 16.53 Westbury-Eastleigh & 6Z31 return, 47749 passes Old Dilton on 02/09/13.
Image 197 of 277
HP branded 43148 leads the 1C91, the 17.33 Paddington-Paignton, past the harvested fields near Edington on 02/09/13.
Image 198 of 277
60045 'The Permanent Way Institution' climbs through Dilton Marsh on 04/09/13 with 6O41 10.14 Westbury-Eastleigh.
Image 199 of 277
With a mixed bag of HOA,IIA & JGA hoppers forming 6M20 10.37 Whatley-St.Pancras, 66143 paases Woodborough loops on 04/09/13.
Image 200 of 277
60045 'The Permanent Way Institution' passes Norton Bavant with 6V41 14.55 Eastleigh-Westbury conveying redundant track for the recycling yard.....04/09/13.
Image 201 of 277
My first shot of 57601 (aka Purple Ronnie) in its current corporate WCRC livery, climbing past Old Dilton with 1Z54 16.34 Bristol TM-Sheffield 'The Downton Abbey,Bath Spa & any other marketing ploy we can think of Statesman' !!! on 04/09/13.
Image 202 of 277
59203 dodges the September shadows at Upton Scudamore with 6V12 15.38 Woking-Merehead on 04/09/13.
Image 203 of 277
59203 departs Westbury with 6V12 15.38 Woking-Merehead on 04/09/13.....the free range vegatation here is affecting the visability of of signals on the 'up' (out of sight on the left of the gantry).
Image 204 of 277
59002 departs Westbury with 7Z12 17.41 Wootton Basssett-Merehead on 04/09/13. Note the overhanging bushes on the right where trains have carved a path through.
Image 205 of 277
D1015 WESTERN CHAMPION approaches Bathampton Jcn with 1Z52 Leicester-Weymouth on 07/09/13.
Image 206 of 277
D1015 WESTERN CHAMPION passing Berkley Marsh with 1Z52 Leicester-Weymouth on 07/09/13
Image 207 of 277
66145 arrives at Westbury on 07/09/13 with an engineersa from Cardiff.
Image 208 of 277
WCRC 47245 pilots 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' through Westbury on 07/09/13 forming a 5Z36 Southall-Bristol empty stock move.
Image 209 of 277
47749 crawls upgrade at Old Dilton with almost 1000 t in tow forming the now Colas Railfreight operated 6Z30 17.18 Westbury-Eastleigh on 10/09/13. Sadly the duff failed near warminster and had to be towed back wrong line by 66142. The JZA rail train was removed at Westbury and the 47 continued with the booked load of coalfish without incident.
Image 210 of 277
47749 crawls upgrade at Old Dilton with almost 1000 t in tow forming the now Colas Railfreight operated 6Z30 17.18 Westbury-Eastleigh on 10/09/13. Sadly the duff failed near warminster and had to be towed back wrong line by 66142. The JZA rail train was removed at Westbury and the 47 continued with the booked load of coalfish without incident.
Image 211 of 277
66604 shunts loaded JNA's at Westbury ready for a 6Y19 13.46 to Reading, alongside is 56087 stabled for the weekend.......14/09/13.
Image 212 of 277
Colas Railfreight 56087 throbs up the 1 in 70 gradient at Old Dilton with 6Z30 17.18 Westbury-Eastleigh, note the dust around the 4th & 5th wagons where the sanders had been activated !
Image 213 of 277
Shiney refurbished 60024 passes Norton Bavant with 6V41 14.45 Eastleigh-Westbury on 18/09/13. Note the Beeline coach heading back to its depot near Warminster.
Image 214 of 277
60045 'The Permanent Way Institution' works 6V12 15.38 Woking-Merehead past Upton Scudamore on 18/09/13.
Image 215 of 277
After the run-round at westbury, 60045 continues to Merehead with 6V12 from Woking, passing Berkley Marsgh in the last sun of the day on 18/09/13.
Image 216 of 277
60045 + 66085 pass Berkley with a delayed 6V12 Woking-Merehead on 19/09/13. The delay caused by combining it with the empties from Fareham.
Image 217 of 277
Continuing its stint on Mendip stone duties, 60045 'The Permanent Way Institution' psses Chippenham with 7Z12 10.42 Merehead-Wootton Bassett on 20/09/13.
Image 218 of 277
Westbury 'super shunter' 60049 stabled on the Stud Farm IOA ballast boxes on 22/09/13.
Image 219 of 277
Colar Rail 47749 'Demelza' stabled in the shubbery at Westbury on 22/09/13.
Image 220 of 277
One of the few active survivors in EWS livery, 60045 'The Permanent Way Institution' stabled (with engine running) at westbury on 22/09/13.
Image 221 of 277
Image 222 of 277
DBS livery 66152 arrives at Westbury with a 7W43 from Heywood Road Jcn,alongside is Colas Rail 47749. Ironically there are two Colas livery twin jib cranes in the consist !!!....22/09/13.
Image 223 of 277
DBS livery 66152 arrives at Westbury with a 7W43 from Heywood Road Jcn,alongside is Colas Rail 47749. Ironically there are two Colas livery twin jib cranes in the consist !!!....22/09/13.
Image 224 of 277
.......After a pause for a crew change, 66152 passes 60045 as it continues into the yard......22/09/13.
Image 225 of 277
Foster Who ?..... End of an era as both 59002 and 59004 have had their YEOMAN 'Y' logo's removed recently....Debranded 59004 passing under the A350 at Upton Scudamore with 6V12 15.38 Woking-Merehead. Note the bent handrail on the front corner which has been painted and the red-oxide primer by the door.....27/09/13.
Image 226 of 277
The regular Saturday 0X12 10.04 Margam-Westbury loco convoy passes Hawkeridge Jcn on 05/10/13 66054 leads 5 other classmates plus 60049 which was added at Newport ADJ.
Image 227 of 277
66213 approaches Heywood with a lengthy 08.00 Patchway-Westbury engineers train on 06/10/13.
Image 228 of 277
43140 leads 1C13 12.00 Paddington-Weston Super Mare past the mothballed yard at Thingley Junction,Chippenham on 06/10/13.
Image 229 of 277
66125 leads a 6W31 08.35 Twyford-Westbury past the site of Thingley South Junction on 06/10/13. lines diverged left here towards Bath.
Image 230 of 277
Debranded 59004 arrives at Westbury with 6C76 14.40 Acton-Whatley on 07/10/13.
Image 231 of 277
60049 shunts 6V41 from Eastleigh into the recycling yard at Westbury on 07/10/13.
Image 232 of 277
47810 + 47501 call at Westbury with Pathfinder Tours' 1Z69 17.09 Holyhead-Salisbury 'The Scenic Snowdonian' on 07/10/13.
Image 233 of 277
59202 pauses for a crew change at Westbury on 07/10/13 working the 22.50 Merehead-Acton
Image 234 of 277
Westbury 'super shunter' 60049 has another outing on 6O41 10.14 Westbury-Eastleigh on 09/10/13. Note the lack of front skirt under the buffers at this end, this loco's only claim to fame !
Image 235 of 277
With the first 5 wagons all of different livery or type......66129 works a 6A26 10.37 Whatley-Hayes past Great Cheverell on 11/10/13.
Image 236 of 277
66085 top 'n' tail 66154 pass the green trees at Great Cheverell with one of the first runs of this years 3J41 14.51 Didcot-Westbury RHTT
Image 237 of 277
Dramatic lighting catches 59204 working 6C76 14.40 Acton-Whatley past Great Cheverell on 15/10/13.
Image 238 of 277
Now operated by Colas Railfreight, the 6M50 07.55 Westbury-Bescot powered by smokey 66846 near Lacock on 29/10/13.
Image 239 of 277
66078 passes through Warminster with 6O41 10.14 Westbury-Eastleigh on 29/10/13.
Image 240 of 277
66085 leads 3J41 Didcot-Westbury RHTT past Crofton on 29/10/13.
Image 241 of 277
Colas Rail Freight's latest reinstatement, 56113 at Westbury with 6Z31 20.12 from Eastleigh on 30/10/13.
Image 242 of 277
150129 at Westbury 30/10/13.
Image 243 of 277
66126 and 66098 wait time at Westbury with the Bristol based RHTT..........30/10/13.
Image 244 of 277
59001+59101 pause in Westbury with 7A91 to Acton on 30/10/13.
Image 245 of 277
Mendip Rails !.........59005 approaches Westbury on a 6Y97 07.40 Wellington-Westbury with JZA wagons in tow......03/11/13.
Image 246 of 277
Bardon Aggregate livery 66623 'Bill Bolsover' approaches Westbury during a brief dry spell on 03/11/13 working 6Y12 07.45 Taunton East Jcn-Westbury.
Image 247 of 277
Debranded 59004 pauses at Westbury with 7A91 Whatley-Acton on 04/11/13.
Image 248 of 277
66125 & 66126 await the road at Westbury with 3S59 Barton Hill-Barton Hill RHTT on 08/11/13.
Image 249 of 277
66155 pauses at Westbury with 6V51 18.33 St.Pancras-Whatley on 04/11/13.
Image 250 of 277
Image 251 of 277
66559 waits for a path up the Melksham route with a 21.18 Westbury-Kemble loaded ballast on 06/11/13.
Image 252 of 277
SWT 159005 & FGW 150202 at Westbury on 06/11/13.
Image 253 of 277
59102 'Village of Chantry' at Westbury with 7A91 Whatley-Acton on 07/11/13.
Image 254 of 277
66003 passes the site of Patney & Chirton station with 6M20 10.37 Whatley-Hayes on 19/11/13.
Image 255 of 277
Evidence of the Colas invasion at Westbury....56113,66846 (off 6Z31) and out of sight behind is 47727........20/11/13.
Image 256 of 277
Westbury's resident 08633 on night shift transfering wagons from the recycling yard to the down yard....26/11/13.
Image 257 of 277
Colas 56113 pulls up at Westbury with 6Z31 20.12 from Eastleigh on 26/11/13.
Image 258 of 277
56113 shunts 6Z31 from Eastleigh at Westbury on 27/11/13.
Image 259 of 277
66125 & 66126 at Westbury with 3S59 21.07 Bristol Barton Hill-Bristol Barton Hill RHTT (via Westbury,Avonmouth,Cardiff, Merthyr,Ebbw Vale & Moreton-on Lugg !!!)....27/11/13.
Image 260 of 277
With the Volker Rail 'Kirow' crane and 'autoballasters' in tow, Colas Rail 56113 pulls up at Westbury on 28/11/13 with 6Z31 20.12 from Eastleigh.
Image 261 of 277
The last lay of November and still plenty of leaves to fall at Norton Bavant as 66141 & 66193 pass with 3J13 08.45 Westbury-St.Blazey via Salisbury RHTT.
Image 262 of 277
66141 & 66193 pass Little Langford with 3J13 08.45 Westbury-St.Blazey via Salisbury RHTT......30/11/13.
Image 263 of 277
DRS pair 37261 & 37405 work Pathfinder Tours' 1Z42 06.01 Whitchurch-Eastleigh (via Portsmouth) past Little Langford on 30/11/13.
Image 264 of 277
Running over 400 minutes late, 60040 'The Territorial Army Centenary' wheels 6A11 22.49 Robeston-Theale through Trowbridge on 06/12/13.
Image 265 of 277
150124 approaches Westbury forming a 2Z51 11.01 Frome-Bristol Temple Meads 'shop-ex' on 08/12/13.
Image 266 of 277
59204 approaches Westbury with a 6W32 08.00 from Hemerdon on 08/12/13......as usual the sun on the previous unit didn't last but at least I wasn't 'bowled' by the diverted 6-car SWT 159 !
Image 267 of 277
66513 passes Frying Pan Farm crossing,Broughton Gifford with a 6Y12 08.00 Horton Road-Westbury on 08/12/13.
Image 268 of 277
Running 3 hours late, 7A09 Merehead-Acton passes Great Cheverell behind 59204 on 10/12/13....running in the path of 6M20 which was duly cancelled !
Image 269 of 277
TATA STEEL livery 60099 passes Great Cheverell with the delayed 6A11 22.47 Robeston-Theale on 20/12/13
Image 270 of 277
Standing in for the NMT, DRS 37218 & 37603 top 'n' tail 1Q19 10.00 Plymouth-Paddington past Great Cheverell on 20/12/13.
Image 271 of 277
66103 passing Coulston with a 6W30 09.00 Southall West Junction-Westbury engineers on 22/12/13.
Image 272 of 277
60040 'The Territorial Army Centenary' passes Woodborough with a diverted 6B33 12.12 Theale-Margam...yet more engineering work at Reading being the reason....28/12/13.
Image 273 of 277
66564 takes the Melksham line at Thingley Junction with a diverted 4O59 Wentloog-Southampton. Another blockade at Reading forcing a reversal at Swindon hence 66537 visable on the rear...28/12/13.
Image 274 of 277
Powerhaul livery 66504 heads down the Wylye Valley at Norton Bavant with a diverted 4O51 10.00 Wentloog-Southampton due to ongoing engineering at Reading on 30/12/12.
Image 275 of 277
Powerhaul double act 70008+66504 pause at Westbury with a diverted 4M04 19.15 Southampton-Lawley Street due to ongoing engineering work at Reading....30/12/13.
Image 276 of 277
Powerhaul double act 70008+66504 pause at Westbury with a diverted 4M04 19.15 Southampton-Lawley Street due to ongoing engineering work at Reading....30/12/13.
Image 277 of 277
Recently named 59202.....Westbury.....30/12/13.